Re: [xslt] libxslt performance problem

Maybe you should try more recent versions of libxml and libxslt. My
experiences with many huge xml files are that libxslt is much faster
than saxon (while libxslt took about 5 minutes to convert one of my data
files, I aborted saxon after 20 minutes).

You can easily build Windows versions of libxml and libxslt using MinGW,
or download the precompiled binaries (they also work with MSVC).


Kaarle Kaila wrote:
This message did leave me a little before I intended.

I did run a test with full report after all.

With libsxlt it used 31 min and 40 seconds in the transformation.
Same transformation with saxo 6.5.5. made it in 3 min 9 sec.

How is this possible?

I hade all the time had the impression that libxslt as a native
C-application must be more effective but this test shows that the
java-interpreter beats it easily .



I have been using libxml and libxslt in my MFC (Microsoft VC++6)
genealogical applications to create reports from the database since 2004.

Only now I needed to create somewhat larger reports than before and I did
encounter performance problems. I have a database that contains around 25000
persons that go into 2900 families. There is quite a lot of textual
information for the persons too.

My application could not create the report in one go so I had to split the
report into 4 parts 1000 families in 3 parts and the indexes in part 4. To
create one such report from a memory based dom-tree takes 3 min 30 secs
using libxslt. My Java test-application could manage the whole report (of
2900 familes) but required additional heap space. Where do I specify the
heap space for libxslt.

I made a comparison using saxon 6.6.5 takes 25 s.

My xslt stylesheets have some libxslt specific (xslt 1.1) elements and do
not run on all xslt engines. I had heard that saxon would be close on it did function in this case. Some of my xslt stylesheets works only with libxslt.
Seems I have misused some features like the document instruction etc.

I don't remember the version of my libxslt but I built it in the summer
2004. It wasn't so easy so I have not retried it.

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