Re: [xslt] Can I use XSLT for Qt

On Tuesday 08 August 2006 11:07, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
> On 08.08.2006 10:10, Tomasz Kowalski wrote:
> > Hello,
> Hi,
> > I downloaded the Libxml from Your site because I would like to use the
> > XSL for my application.
> >
> > I have question for You,
> > Can I use Libxml library for Qt (C++ language)? And How I can do it?
> >
> > Do I must only include to Qt directory the bin's, include's and lib's
> > catalogs from Libxml?
> I assume you meant XSLT, not XSL, these are two different things. XSLT
> is used for transforming XML. XSL is used for page formatting semantics.
> If you meant XSLT, check the libxslt tutorial on
> for how to use libxslt.
> Qt has nothing to do with all of it, you will have to treat the two
> separately. You cannot integrate libxslt into Qt and use it through Qt
> classes without modifying Qt. Last time I saw it, Qt had a XML module
> which offered simple XML processing functionality, no validation, no
> XSLT. For parsing XML, you could write a QXmlLibxmlReader class which
> internally uses libxml's parser, but for XSLT the whole interface is
> missing.
> I'm forwarding this to the mailing list. Perhaps someone from the KDE
> team is reading and knows whether this world has seen a Qt-ish interface
> for libxslt somewhere.

No, to my knowledge there is no such thing. Transforming a QDom tree would 
require serializing it, pass the string to libxslt, serialize the result, and 
then parse it into a QDom tree.

Yes, this is cumbersome and inefficient. Once can hope there will be better 
approaches for this in Qt.



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