Re: [xslt] Problems with Some XSLT syntax in libxslt1.1 [resending with tar.bz2 attachment]

On 10.08.2006 12:49, Dimuthu Chathuranga wrote:


I'm a very newbie for libxslt. I m writing a code generation tool using xslt.

I use libxslt1.1 to parse an xslt and found problems in following cases.

            <xsl:when test="@mep='10'">

here the @mep is 10, the parser working fine but when @mep = 11 the <xsl:otherwise> code is *not* working.

Well, it does. Using your attached example, with four <methods> each having mep="12", here it outputs exactly the lines from the xsl:otherwise. Just as it should. This is libxslt 1.1.17.

This is the case for evaluate the following as well.

<xsl:if test="not($mep='10')">

Well, it does that too. In your attached example mep is 12. The preceding test passes, but nothing is generated because the rest is guarded by test="$isSync='1'" and test="$isAsync='1'", none of which is set to 1.

I attach the code i used to parse xslt and the associated files.

can somebody please explain me whether this is a my bug, or some standard violation.

I have no idea what you are doing wrong, But here it behaves as it should. Perhaps you have a different, older version?


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