[xslt] Kasimier needs a Libxml2/Libxslt-related job


I'm searching for a new job, which I would love to be still
related to Libxml2/Libxslt. My current job ends on the 31 of August.

I felt hesitant to write here to this list since it's kind of OT,
but someone assured me to do so: it's the best way to reach
the right audience.

The following is a only quick and naive description of my work related
XML, as the reasons for this mail hit me unexpectedly after coming
back from vacations. I'm currently compiling more detailed information
and a job application.

>From the birds eye:

Originally I'm coming from the Win Pascal/Delphi/Kylix world and am
skilled in providing complete solutions for custom demands: the last
seven years I've been designing and implementing
simple/complex non-web-based non-GUI/GUI(beyond RAD) applications
together with the development of the data base side (InterBase,
PostgreSQL, XML). Sometimes this work also included documentation (in
and art work. I'm a fan of extreme programming and like to be involved
multiple projects at the same time.

About my connection to XML:

During the last 5 years I got into XML and its related technologies.
My first contact with XML was an implementation of a rudimental,
non-validating, XML parser, since Delphi's XML capabilities were
non-fitting for me 5 years ago. Later I started to write a
new propriatary Delphi DOM wrapper (around Libxml2) for our company; it
initially based on idom2 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/idom2-pas).
The wrapper mainly intended for one of our products: an
application server. At the end the wrapper got its W3C's Level 1, Level
and some Level 3 functionality, the Load & Save module and the XPath
a custom SOAP module based on csoap (http://csoap.sourceforge.net), a
XSLT module and finally support for areas like validation (XML Schema,
RelaxNG), XInclude, c14n-serialization, etc. I guess I won't see this
ever again, since the whole thing is not open-source.

Beside the creation of such tools for XML, my work included the
implementation of apps which actually took advantage of this technology.
Trivially I used XML for storage of persistent data of my apps.
The more interesting field of applications were XML script processors:
write a new markup language and the processor for it.
My favourite was the development of a graphical editor suite for
the definition and management of XSLT-pipeline structures defined in
The reason for this app was our application server: the XSLT
pipeline-definitions needed a GUI at some point when they became hard to
read and understand.
Finally there was the common every-day-work with XML as you know it:
writing tools for data-mining/analysing, refactoring, writng modules
for our application server (e.g. SOAP integration), testing,
writing/refactoring relative simple XSLT stylesheets, etc.

Finally I try to keep myself informed about all the crazy things about
(I like to read specs).

What I have to do with Libxml2/Libxslt:

Libxml2/Libxslt moved into focus 4 years ago when I started to write the
above mentioned Delphi DOM wrapper.
The work (fixes, enhancements) on those libraries was driven by the
effort of
finishing the wrapper. During this time I got familiar with the code of
most of the modules of Libxml2. At some point the main area of my
was the implementation of the W3C XML Schema processor for Libxml2.
My recent work included refactoring, fixing and further development of
and some optimizations of the XPath module of Libxml2.

Where am I?

I'm currently living in Kiel, Germany.

If you are interested, please contact me at buchcik gmx net for a
job application.



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