Re: [xslt] Extending EXSLT support to get the crypto part

   The alternate way would be to complete Mark Vakoc patch for
dynamic loading of shared libraries to get it working on Linux/Unix
and try to convert the new function to dlopening openssl and grabbing
just the functions needed for the task.
   That's a far bigger project but likely more useful as a whole.

This reminds me about one idea I had about the plugins patch (sorry, I am permanently have no time these days thus I did not write about this before). As far as I can remember the current plugins patch uses Windows specific function. Instead I would suggest to use ltdl wrapper that provides unified cross-platform API for loading shared libraries. ltdl consist of one header and one source file and the license allows one to include it in any library. For example, in xmlsec I just added ltdl.[h|c] files into source code and compile them into xmlsec library.


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