Re: [xslt] Extending EXSLT support to get the crypto part

On 10.05.2004 20:41, Daniel Veillard wrote:

 See bug #142105

doing so will add dependancies for libexslt to openssl when available
and as a side effect xsltproc will also depend on those.
Being able to compile libxslt/xsltproc without openssl being available
is of course a very important goal even if this feature is added.
Is there strong opposition from doing so ?
I don't think having libxml2 depend on openssl is a good idea (c.f.
the thread about adding https support to libxml2) but libexslt is a far more specialized library and doing so doesn't concern me.

  Unless serious concern being raised and once the configuration
stuff is being sorted out, I think I will make that change, so if
you have a strong feeling about this, please speak up :-)

Hee hee. The sun has set, I sit on the balcony, drink caipirinha and see it coming.
"Hi Igor, your xmlsec binary supports mscrypto, I wonder if you could release libexslt with crypto extensions based on the same..."
To that, I put sunglasses on along with a wide grin and pull another mouthful of the precious lemon cocktail and while looking in the distant, red horisont I ask myself...

...Does it make sense to connect this to xmlsec? It is likely that, in practice, crypto extensions to XSLT will be used along with XMLSec. How realistic is the idea to call into libxmlsec from within libexslt to get crypto functionality, taking required modifications to both into account?

The result will be libexslt which depends on libxmlsec, when the relevant features are enabled. It would then, through libxmlsec, use whatever the engine xmlsec has been configured for, OpenSSL, NSS...



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