Re: [xslt] Extending EXSLT support to get the crypto part


OpenSSL is known to have some functions that conflict with
other crypto libraries (namely, md4/5 and sha1). This was
a reason for many unexpected core dumps I've seen. Thus linking
LibXSLT with OpenSSL *by default* would make it very hard
to use the library with other crypto libraries. The much
cleaner solution would be to implement a "plugins" support
for libxslt and implement this functionality as a plugin.

If you would decide to go and make this change then I would
appreciate if you will not make openssl dependency default.
For example, it would be really bad if LibXSLT RPMs would depend
on OpenSSL.


Daniel Veillard wrote:
 See bug #142105

doing so will add dependancies for libexslt to openssl when available
and as a side effect xsltproc will also depend on those.
Being able to compile libxslt/xsltproc without openssl being available
is of course a very important goal even if this feature is added.
Is there strong opposition from doing so ?
I don't think having libxml2 depend on openssl is a good idea (c.f.
the thread about adding https support to libxml2) but libexslt is a far more specialized library and doing so doesn't concern me.

  Unless serious concern being raised and once the configuration
stuff is being sorted out, I think I will make that change, so if
you have a strong feeling about this, please speak up :-)


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