Re: [xslt] Do not free the hash keys during xmlHashScanFull

Karl Eichwalder kirjutas T, 23.09.2003 kell 12:46:
> Daniel Veillard <> writes:
> >   Well, I would prefer input data reproducing the problem honnestly.
> > If there is a double free in the extension modules with data, that mean
> > the library would crash in such a case. So either there is another problem
> > or it means we are simply not testing that code path at all, and I would
> > prefer to add regression tests if prossible.
> Here is the story (I don't know how to build a test case from this
> szenario):
> Select no window in gnome and press F1. You will get an error message:

How do you select "no window" ?

when I just click on backgroundm F1 brings up help for Nautilus.

I'm running RH9.0 + XD2


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