[xml] source dependency from doc subdirectory

Hi Daniel,

It seems to me libxml distribution generation process is too complicated. Usually I use build outside source tree and those days for first time I run build in source tree including rebuild of doc subdirectory on linux.

I note that elfgcchack.h, win32/libxml2.def.src and NEWS file was updated.

About NEWS - May be this file could be excluded for distributions. It is not up to date since version 2.7.6 (Oct 6 2009).

Export file win32/libxml2.def.src should affect windows makefile based builds. After rebuild in doc/, newly to 2.9 functions are now listed (exported).

More important issue is that after rebuild in doc/ link of library fail due unresolved symbols. It seems to me hack is not applied to new buffering interface. Please find attached file "0001-elfgcchack-for-buf-module.patch" that seems to me resolve issue.


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