[xml] 2.9.0 performance regression

Hi Folks, 

I've been trying to root cause a performance regression (~ 20%) when
upgrading from libxml2 2.8.0 to 2.9.0.

The benchmark I'm using is:
% xmllint --repeat --timing --stream 112M.xml > /dev/null

where 112M.xml is an 112 MB XML file generated by XMark's 
xmlgen utility.

Using git bisect, I've managed to chase the regression down to a series
of commits (65c7d3b2 - 145477D8).

Some data points by git commit id:

ade10f2c: 147072.4 ms +/- 202.7962 (5 Runs)
18d0db25: 146525.2 ms +/- 411.8849 (5 Runs)

65c7d3b2 - 7b9b0719: build failed

145477D8: 184805.8 ms +/- 475.2044 (5 Runs)

The system configuration:
Intel Core i3-2310M
Linux 3.5.1
GCC 4.7.1

The XML file was served from an EXT4 partition. I also ran the tests with the 
XML file on a tmpfs partition, to reduce I/O impact, however the performance
relation between the commit ids was unchanged.

Has anyone run into this before?


Jim Kukunas
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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