[xml] [Patch] Add column storage for xmlNode


I'd like to show you a patch which adds the functionality to store and retrieve the columns of xml nodes.

As I said in a previous email[1] me, and probably other people are in need of this to highlight a certain text area in an xml document.

For example, if I have an xml document


and an xpath expression


I'd like to be able to highlight the corresponding part of the document. Without this patch, it was impossible, because the parser did not save the column information.

I applied the following changes in this patch:

- added a new member to _xmlNode called column. I know that this breaks ABI compability, but I think this is an important feature and needs to be added soon. - increased the type size of _xmlNode->line from (unsigned short) to (unsigned int). This is what the idea behind "XML_PARSE_BIG_LINES" is. ( can you tell me why it has been an unsigned short in the first place ? ) - added a function xmlGetColumnNo() which is the counterpart to xmlGetLineNo()
- wrote a unittest for xmlGetColumnNo()

I hope for any feedback and a soon integration.

Daniel Nagy

[1] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/xml/2012-February/msg00045.html

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