Re: [xml] xmlXPathNodeSetSort performance

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Subject: Re: [xml] xmlXPathNodeSetSort performance
Took a bit of time but I have included this in git, with a bit of cleanup and integration changes like
the macros WITH_TIM_SORT in xpath.c if some people need to quickly switch back or something.
I was a bit worried at first about __builtin_clzll but that should be okay

Great, thanks!

Just one nitpick:
It is not true, that wrap_cmp returns -2 or +2. It usually returns just -xmlXPathCmpNodes[Ext]. Only in case 
it gets -2 from there, it returns -2. This is to make the sign of the result consistent with how original 
xmlXPathNodeSetSort handles it: -2 means an error, but in the original xmlXPathNodeSetSort it is handled in 
the same way as 1 or 0.
I guess I am just saying a simple thing in a confusing way :-)


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