Re: [xml] Segmentation fault - xmlFARecurseDeterminism

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 10:28:58AM +0000, Pavel Madr wrote:

I found a problem in libxml, but I'm not able to fix it. So please, could you look at it?
There is infinite recursion in xmlFARecurseDeterminism.
It fails with versions 2.7.6 also 2.7.8, tested on Ubuntu 9.

  Yup, I was able to reproduce this,

I'm attaching used xsds.

Crash can be reproduced by:
xmllint --schema ./docx_xsd/wml.xsd

On the other hand the following scipt doesn't fail
xmllint --schema ./docx_xsd/wml.xsd.ok
It differs only in minoccurence of one element.

  I see,  minOccurs="0" led to an extra epsilon transition
and unfortunately the way that is done could lead to a loop

Please, would you inform me, it the crash is fixed?

  Done, I commited the fix upstream:

  it will be in 2.9.0-rc2, it would be nice if you could double check,

   thanks !


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