Re: [xml] Availability of libxm2-2.9.0 release candidate 1

Daniel Veillard schrieb am 13.08.2012 um 16:32 (+0800):
On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 11:23:10PM +0200, Michael Ludwig wrote:

I don't know Python well.

Maybe due to some libraries being loaded in wrong versions?

  Weird, that script has been working for a decade or so with very
little changes .... the only system import which is a bit funky is
import xml.sax (heh!) everything else is so common and standard it
really should never fail (famous last words !)

Maybe just a stupid mistake of mine. Maybe someone else is going to do a
Cygwin build in addition to mine in order to check whether it's down to
my particular installation or cluelessness.

 $ cygcheck -c cygwin
 cygwin               1.7.16-1       OK
 $ python --version
 Python 2.6.8


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