Re: [xml] can't figure out how to build native Windows 'iconv'

* David Lawless wrote:
Igor Zlatkovic appears to have it figured out for
his binaries found at

but I couldn't find instructions or build files there.

His binaries are for version 1.9.2 which had support for
MSVC, but it is eight years old

He posted binaries for the latest version on June 19:

So my guess is he create some build scripts for
building GNU 'iconv' with Visual Studio.

Sorry for my previous mail by the way, I did not know your mail server
is configured to reject all mails from Germany. Perhaps you should point
this out when posting to international mailing lists.

Forgot to mention this--sorry.  I added an exception
for connections from your domain.  The block is a bit
extreme, but stopping non-US, unknown freemailers,
and a short-list of bad US ASNs has taken my incoming
spam rate to three per month down from several
hundred a day.  Content filters such as SpamAssassin
have just become useless anymore.

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