Re: [xml] can't figure out how to build native Windows 'iconv'

Thank you Jeff, but it has to be compiled here
for policy reasons.  I'm thinking maybe I'll autoconf
up a Makefile under linux and edit it for Windows
by hand.  Obviously there is no reason why the
code can't compile or won't work.  It's just a
bit of GNU religion that they don't support
native Windows builds.

At 10:58 PM 9/18/2011 +0000, Jeffrey Schmidt wrote:

  Would you settle for already built Windows 64-bit binaries of 
Libxml2? If so, the Gnome project has them available on their 
ftp server (I was in the same boat as you, and decided to cast 
about with Google to see if someone else had already built them, 
since I didn't want to bother).


Jeff Schmidt
Seapine Software, Inc

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position of Seapine Software, Inc.

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