Re: [xml] Tools to look inside a DTD allows?

* Jack Schwartz wrote:
However, it would be better if I used a tool to get this information if 
one existed.  (In my simple case, at least it would help with skipping 
comments in the DTD file, etc.)  Does such a tool or API exist in 
libxml2, lxml or somewhere else?

Well, you could use to turn a
DTD into an XML format that's easy to process, or you could use a tool
like trang to turn the DTD into RNG
which is kinda easier to process than having to write a DTD parser that
can cope with entity madness. For that last part I use xmllint to sim-
plify offers
something similar to what you are looking for, though it's for RELAX NG
and so it solves a more complex problem than you are trying to solve.
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