Re: [xml] Tools to look inside a DTD allows?

On 07/02/11 09:32, Michael Ludwig wrote:
Jack Schwartz schrieb am 03.12.2010 um 16:48 (-0800):

I'm looking for a documented way to look into a DTD [â], but haven't
seen one.

I haven't seen any either. Googling for the following didn't turn up
anything either:

   programmatic access dtd -html

MSDN said back in 2002:

   Most XML 1.0 processors support DTD validation, but they don't support
   programmatic access to the information found in the DTD due to the
   complexity of the syntax.

 From the April 2002 issue of MSDN Magazine

The closest I've come up with is dumping the DTD with the following
python program:

A completely separate approach is used by the TEI community, who use the ODD format, which is a literate programming language for schemas which has been picked up by at least parts of the w3c (i.e. the Internationalization Tag Set work).


Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services

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