Re: [xml] xmlParserCtxt Leak?

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 09:16:20AM -0700, mt2 wrote:
I implemented the changes you recommended and it works; everything
seems to be in order now. I've implemented the same situation with
plain xmlInitParser() and didn't see that "still reachable" data,
which is the only reason I posted here. Now that I know that is
"per-thread data", it makes a lot more sense. Valgrind doesn't
complain anymore either, so my life is a lot happier. Thank you for
your help and information.


Daniel, thank you, too, for your help. I put the offending code in a
loop as you suggested, and when compiled against libxml with memory
debug, all turns out well. Thank you for that hint. If I need help
again, I will make to sure to do that; this is still a learning
process for me. The example I posted is exactly the same as my own
code, but I figured it would be best, though, if you didn't have to
scroll through pages of comments and such.

Is there any more information I can read about this "per-thread data"?
I'd like to learn more.

  Not very glorious, basically it shouldn't exist, but the API
included global variables allowing to change the library behaviour.
This is a big mistake, but well it's here, and to limit the damage
it's better in multithreaded applications to have per thread global
variable values, so there is a module globals.c in the library implementing
  Advice, don't try to use global variables from the library, and
avoid trying to make use of this 'feature'.


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