Re: [xml] xmlParserCtxt Leak?

I implemented the changes you recommended and it works; everything
seems to be in order now. I've implemented the same situation with
plain xmlInitParser() and didn't see that "still reachable" data,
which is the only reason I posted here. Now that I know that is
"per-thread data", it makes a lot more sense. Valgrind doesn't
complain anymore either, so my life is a lot happier. Thank you for
your help and information.

Daniel, thank you, too, for your help. I put the offending code in a
loop as you suggested, and when compiled against libxml with memory
debug, all turns out well. Thank you for that hint. If I need help
again, I will make to sure to do that; this is still a learning
process for me. The example I posted is exactly the same as my own
code, but I figured it would be best, though, if you didn't have to
scroll through pages of comments and such.

Is there any more information I can read about this "per-thread data"?
I'd like to learn more.

Thank you all for your help!

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 12:54 AM, Andreas Stricker
<andreas stricker fela ch> wrote:
Andreas Stricker wrote:
You should first initialize the library, using the LIBXML_TEST_VERSION
macro. Still don't forget to add xmlCleanupParser() at the very end:

As noted by Daniel Veillard, this isn't a memory leak, just the per thread
data that exists exactly once per thread, don't grow and is destroyed with
the thread or the main process.

But to shut up valgrind you could follow my example.

Cheers, Andy
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