Re: [xml] XML for config files

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
Rick Jones wrote:
Sorry, I was being cranky there.

But, in my experience, XML config files are harder for sysadmins to edit than simple text files. I guess if they are only / mostly going to be edited by programs rather than people then they are OK.

I do rather like their heirarchical nature though - is there a simple text file analogue?

Apache uses a pseudo HTML style, like

<Location /foo>

and DOS .ini files use [section] for two level hierarchies. But I guess most config files don't have or need hierarchies, and if you do, then XML would be the way to go.

Cranky or not, I appreciate the input. Your initial response did remind me of a rather ungainly XML configuration file for some IP phones I use. OTOH my configuration file isn't too large, around 12 elements minimum. Hopefully it isn't too hard to edit. However, it can indeed benefit from a heirarchial layout. Aside from that, the validation against a statically compiled DTD appealed to me, as opposed to cooking up my own parser(wheel reinvention).

Jason Valenzuela

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