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Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
Rick Jones wrote:
then XML would be the way to go.

as opposed to cooking up my own parser(wheel reinvention).

Jason Valenzuela

XML and config files, a few thoughts:
* Never again will you have to worry if the string you write-back to the
config file contains some non-ascii characters.
* Someone want's to add some hierarchical info to the file? Works. You're
parser's already there.
* Yes, the DTD thing sound quite nice to me (although haven't used this
approach yet.)
* One thing I try to stick to: Only use attributes for the actual config
information, that way the file can always be pretty-print saved and it's no
problem for a human to edit.

Cheers, good luck :-)

best regards / mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Martin Trappel

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