Re: [xml] Minor documentation path for libxml/xpath.h

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On Tue, Mar 20, 2007 at 03:10:23PM -0700, James Dennett wrote:

The diff below addresses some typos in the documentation of
xmlXPathContext.  I don't know what format you'd like patches in, or
to provoke svn to produce nicer diffs.  This is against current svn
trunk (revision 3592).

  Cool, but mail seems to have mangled your patch,

Tragically I have to use Outlook here, and it mangles a good fraction of
all e-mail that passes through it.

can you instead
it with svn diff -p and send them as mail attachement which are
perserved by various mail programs, thanks !

svn diff -p xpath.h 
svn: '-p' is not supported
with my subversion, version 1.3.2.  (Building subversion on Solaris is
all kinds of trials; each version gives different obscure errors either
during configuration or build.)

However, I can use
svn diff -x-p -diff-cmd gdiff xpath.h

and the output is attached to this message as xpathpatch.txt (though
it's passed through a Windows machine and as such Bad Things may have
happened to the text file).  If this is still the wrong format, let me
know and I'll see if I can't win a fight against svn's build process
sometime.  If only everything were as portable as libxml2 ;-)

(I came to be looking at this as I'm trying to work out which
can modify the context; evaluating an XPath expression can do so,
surprised me, but maybe I need to RTFM more carefully.)

  Usually you should not need to modify the context, except somethings
set up the current node or document (and there is no accessor for this
requires direct change of the public structure).

It's not that I *want* to modify the context.  It's that certain libxml2
functions do so in ways that may not be documented -- in particular, I
noted that evaluating an expression using a context appears to change
(at least) the current node within that context.  I might change my
wrapper to restore the node after the expression has been evaluated, but
without documenting the contract of the libxml2 functions I can't know
that such behavior is sufficient or appropriate.

(Our current workaround, and probably a good idea in any case, is for
our XPath expressions to be absolute ones.)

-- James

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