Re: [xml] HOW TO Set-up charset encoding...

On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 02:29:58PM +0100, Roberto Bonuccelli wrote:

I have develop a C process that process spool text file and build xml output file using xml-lib C-binding.
Input files can be in two kind of format:
-cp850 (= ISO-8859)

To write xml file I use in my program:
and I call it in this way:
xmlSaveFormatFileEnc(filename, doc, NULL, 1);

and then xml-lib assume that econding is utf8.
Indeed, I would like to specify "cp850" ecnording charset format or another one too.
Witch C #define I could use? 
Anyone can give me an example?

  Use the new APIs which use the strings and not enums
then it's a matter of libxml2 or iconv having support for your 
target encoding.


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