Re: [xml] When will you support xml version 1.1?

Michael Day wrote:
Our problem area has been ISO2709 which are converted to MARCXML (from network sources beyond our control). Right now problematic chars, say &#7, are just thrown away. Another option to avoid data loss would for us to make _private_ semantics <char num="7"/>.

Another option if you want to tunnel what is essentially uninterpreted binary data through XML is to Base64 encode it, that way even NUL bytes
It's not binary. It's 7-bit ASCII. And base64 blobs does not preserve the structure.

What a shame that this trivial-to-fix mistake in XML 1.0 "not full UNICODE including ASCII" may not be fixed anyway.

/ Adam

or whatever can be handled safely. (As Daniel pointed out, XML 1.1 does not allow arbitrary binary data as text content).

Best regards,


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