Re: [xml] Query about Encoding formats(Libxml doesnot recognise windows-1252 encoding scheme)

Dheeraj I wrote:

we have a feed reader application which uses libxml. We get the rss
file which is a xml file from server & use your API xmlParseMemory to
parse the xml. In our application we give url name to subscribe to
feeds. One such url is If you see the
xml for this url, there is windows-1252 encoding specified.

Due to this, libxml does not parse the file & returns null. If I
replace this encoding with its equivalent ISO-8859-1, it works fine.

Note that those two are NOT equivalent; see

Is there any generic solution to this problem where encoding which is
not supported by ;ibxml can be changed to its equivalent encoding
which is supported by libxml.

Appreciate your response.

I would say that it's indeed an iconv issue - iso-8859-1 is supported
natively by libxml2, with iconv used to handle everything else (unless
there's a Windows-specific build somewhere that uses the Windows
character set handling instead of iconv).

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