Re: [xml] unsinged short for line numbers

Hi Stefan,

Stefan Froehlich <Stefan Froehlich Priv at> writes:

[sample from a well-established eCommerce standard]
|     <GROUP_ID>0103</GROUP_ID>
|     <GROUP_NAME>Kabelschutz-/ Nachrichtentechnik</GROUP_NAME>
|     <GROUP_ID>010303</GROUP_ID>
|     <GROUP_NAME>Verbundrohre aus PE</GROUP_NAME>
|     <PARENT_ID>0103</PARENT_ID>

Every content of a <PARENT_ID> has to match some value of a <GOUP_ID>,
however in real life it won't always do.  This is nothing you can catch
with a DTD or an XSD.

You may be able to do this with XML Schema key/unique/keyref constructs.


Boris Kolpackov
Code Synthesis Tools CC
Open-Source, Cross-Platform C++ XML Data Binding

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