Re: [xml] unsinged short for line numbers

On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 06:05:41AM -0500, Daniel Veillard wrote:
Keep your own counter as you traverse the tree based in the 16bits
How can I? I don't access the text file, only the parsed structure,
which has no indication about line breaks between the tags any more.
Then sorry, best to have those check in a DTD which will be processed at
parsing time.

If it is not possible then I am out of luck anyways - but nevertheless
thank you for your answers.

Only to justify the need for this, perhaps it will encourage to include
long line numbers in a future revision:

[sample from a well-established eCommerce standard]
|       <GROUP_ID>0103</GROUP_ID>
|       <GROUP_NAME>Kabelschutz-/ Nachrichtentechnik</GROUP_NAME>
|       <PARENT_ID>01</PARENT_ID>
|       <GROUP_ID>010303</GROUP_ID>
|       <GROUP_NAME>Verbundrohre aus PE</GROUP_NAME>
|       <PARENT_ID>0103</PARENT_ID>

Every content of a <PARENT_ID> has to match some value of a <GOUP_ID>,
however in real life it won't always do.  This is nothing you can catch
with a DTD or an XSD. These errors show up much later, still you want to
point with your finger on them.



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