[xml] unsinged short for line numbers

I develop an application using libxml2 to parse (large) XML files.
To help people locating semantic errors in their input files I
recently added support for printing out line numbers. This seems to
be restricted to the first 65535 lines, however.

What I do have is a node context, and if there is something wrong
with its data content, I call:

| long int *errorLines;
| long int errorCount;
| xmlNodePtr node;
| [...]
| errorLines[errorCount] = xmlGetLineNo(node);

xmlGetLineNo is declared long, which is fine, but it passes back
(struct _xmlNode*)->line, which is unsigned short and the cause of
my trouble.

There was a post on this topic here on July 2nd, 2004, however the
author used a parser context and thus could use an alternative, which
is not available for me.

Since this was almost three years ago, I wonder, if nobody else had
this problem - or is there a simple and obvious way I should go, which
I just don't see?


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