Re: [xml] UNISTD.H, NETDB.h and windows and related lib's and or dll's

Hi Stadelmann,

Stadelmann Josef wrote:

I have downloaded the latest sources from the

UNISTD.H, NETDB.h and windows and related lib's and or dll's

I changed to the bakefile directory and produced the make files using bakefile_gen for Visual Studio 6.0 IDE

question from a novice

I get the following error during compilation of nanoftp.c and nanohttp.c

C:\dsa5\xml\libxml2\nanoftp.c(32) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'sys/socket.h': No such file or directory

my question is from where under windows 2000 visual studio 6.0 shall sys/socket.h and related dll's or lib's come from?

I can #undef HAVE_SYS_SOCKET_H in config.h, but what do I give up doing so?

The bakefile should never have generated those defines. It appears that the bakefile script might need a little TLC if you are looking to get a buildable .dsp as the last updates to it were back in the 2.6.16 days. Lack of maintenance was the same reason the physical dsp was removed from the repository long ago. While it can be used to at least build a dsp with *MOST* on the files included (since it hasn't been updated the list of source files might be incomplete), your best bet for compiling is using the command line build routines to build the library and using the dsp for your coding and debugging. This at least insures you have access to latest flags and settings to make the build.


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