Re: [xml] Generating XML from Schema definitions (again, sorry)

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 02:13:33PM +1000, Callum Gibson wrote:
As I'm discovering, XML Schema is clearly defined by a committee and every
man and his dog has had a say in having his favourite syntax added with
the result that there are often 3 ways to do the same thing. Luckily

  oh, if only it was the case, you will also discover that the 3 ways
actually differs in obscure ways, meaning only a handful of people on
the planet actually understand the full spec, and are not necessarily from
the original group who 'designed' it...
  Enjoy !

for me, our schemas were written mostly by a single person who has been
quite consistent in their approach and there are only a few exceptions
where someone has extended the original schema and not stuck to the same

  That's good, you're lucky !


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