Re: [xml] Generating XML from Schema definitions (again, sorry)

On 09 Aug 13:53, John Hockaday ga gov au wrote:
}Do I read this thread right?  That is, you can create an XML document
}instance for a W3C XML Schema?  Not only that but your code resolves import
}statements and include statement?
}If this is the case then I'm all for using it on the ISO 19139 XSDs!
}Alternatively you could use this very complex set of XSDs to test your code.
};--)  The locations of the XSDs is and the root
}XSD is 
}Does your code also create potential attributes in the elements?

Well, it's a work in progress, but that's the idea. I doubt it will pass
any standards tests just yet, nor is it my intention to have a fully
compliant xsd parser - I just need to do this for a work project, so if
it handles our schemas then I'm done.

However, it is my intention to make it reusable and I'll be happy to share
the code when I'm done. If there are schema components that I haven't
handled it will be easy for someone to add them.

As I'm discovering, XML Schema is clearly defined by a committee and every
man and his dog has had a say in having his favourite syntax added with
the result that there are often 3 ways to do the same thing. Luckily
for me, our schemas were written mostly by a single person who has been
quite consistent in their approach and there are only a few exceptions
where someone has extended the original schema and not stuck to the same



Callum Gibson @ home

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