[xml] FW: Regular expression evaluation

Given that it's a bug... Should I raise it in bugzilla ??


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On Wed, Aug 08, 2007 at 06:48:32PM +0530, harbhanu wrote:


   I am using the regular expression API xmlRegexpExec from Libxml 2.6.28

   Case I:

   RegEx: 3{0,0}(2)

   Input String :  2

   Result :  Success

   Case II:

   RegEx: (3){0,0}(2)

   Input String :  2

   Result :  Fail

  Looks like a bug,

   Case III:

   RegEx: (3){0,1}(2)

   Input String :  2

   Result :  Success

   Please  let  me  know  is  this  a  bug  ??  (seems  like...)  or some



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