Re: [xml] xmlValidateOneElement - will fill-in defaults yes?

So, if I add a node (eg "test" in netperf DTD entity names FWIW) and if I call xmlValidateOneElement() against that node, will all the defaults from the DTD get filled-in automagically?

  Hum, no. Validation will not change the document, if it was doing that
I would get killed immediatly by angry users...

My mistake - merging too much into a validated parsing and forgetting it was more the parsing than the validating.

  I don't think we have at the tree level a way to automatically add
defaulted attributes, this is something usually done at parsing time.
  You may be interested in

 to get the list of defaulted attributes and their value
and then walk the xmlAttributePtr attributes list and check defaultValue.

I will look into that.

ultimately, I'll want to do something similar involving a GTK gui but one step at a time...

  you could look at MlView for inspiration ...
but honnestly a generic editor is a daunting task, believe me !

It certainly seems that way :) I _can_ count on requiring someone to make suitable mods to a DTD if they extend my netperf markup language (as it were) so I guess that helps a little.

rick jones

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