[xml] xmlValidateOneElement - will fill-in defaults yes?

Another chapter in my sputtering netperf4 development :)

I want to enable the users of netperf4 to build-up a configuration from an interactive netperf4 session without having to go-out and run an external XML editor to create config files. To that end, I want to be adding elements to a config doc for which I have a DTD. I don't want the netperf4 main code to be _particularly_ aware of all the attributes etc for elements so it can still manipulate added test types.

So, if I add a node (eg "test" in netperf DTD entity names FWIW) and if I call xmlValidateOneElement() against that node, will all the defaults from the DTD get filled-in automagically?

rick jones
ultimately, I'll want to do something similar involving a GTK gui but one step at a time...

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