Re: [xml] an xpath segfault reproducible with xmllint

Pavol Rusnak wrote:
William M. Brack wrote:
I can reproduce the problem, under Valgrind, using the released version
of libxml2-2.6.27.  However, for me, it is fixed in SVN HEAD by a
to xpath.c committed on Feb 13 (SVN revision 3584).  Could you please
the latest SVN and confirm that it fixes it for you as well?

Hi William!
I had found your change in SVN before. I described the whole situation
in my mail* from 04/04/2007 05:28PM CEST. I think you must have missed
my reply.


No, I had read your reply, but was completely unable to reproduce the
problem under what I understood were your conditions.  Hence my reference
to "the latest SVN", just to assure we are both talking about the same

More precisely, I am running under Fedora FC6.  I downloaded the latest
release from (libxml2-2.6.27), then applied the "SUSE patch"
which you had previously mentioned, and finally applied a patch created
  svn diff -r 3575:3584 xpath.c
(and no other changes to the released version).  I then used gdb to run
the xmllint which was compiled in that manner.  My "xml test file" was a
file containing "<root/>".  The output for that run is attached.  I also
ran valgrind, and attach the output for that run.  As you can see, for
both gdb and valgrind there is no error.

I'll be happy to help in any way I can, but at the moment I can't imagine
where is the difference between our tests that is causing the problem.

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

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