Re: [xml] an xpath segfault reproducible with xmllint

Pavol Rusnak wrote:
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Daniel Veillard wrote:
  Can you make sure no patch was applied on SuSE rpms, I doubt it but
that may happen. Maybe someone from SuSe is monitoting that list and
act on this problem (thanks in advance !)

Hello Petr and Daniel!

I'm maintainer of libxml2 in SuSE. Our libxml2-2.6.27 has 4 patches, I'm
attaching relevant one (null-retval.patch). This was a patch for older
bug I reported earlier:
- - and was fixed in CVS by William M. Brac.

I can reproduce the problem, under Valgrind, using the released version
of libxml2-2.6.27.  However, for me, it is fixed in SVN HEAD by a change
to xpath.c committed on Feb 13 (SVN revision 3584).  Could you please try
the latest SVN and confirm that it fixes it for you as well?



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