Re: [xml] iconv.dll dependency for libxml2

Lysetti, Srinivas wrote:
Thanks Jason for your prompt reply. Currently I am using pre-build binaries, I will have to build the 
binaries using those compilation option. I will go through the documentation. Can you give me some pointers 
if you know already? I will appreciate your help.


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Lysetti, Srinivas wrote:


I am using libxml2 in my project. For using libxml2 we need to have
iconv.dll and zlib1.dll. Is there any way to remove this dependency? I
want to use just libxml2 without iconv.dll and zlib1.dll.

Of course, it's a "configure" option before compilation.  If you're
using a pre-built binary,  then you'll have to compile it yourself.  The
website has information on how to do this.


Hi Srinivas,

I build libxml for the Mac and for Windows without iconv or zlib. From looking at my build logs, I see the following.

If you're using configure on a *nix system (including Mac OS X), the configure command line flags are:

--without-iconv --without-zlib

but be sure to read the docs, because there are many other choices to make.

On Windows, when you run configure.js, the command line options are:


and I do not see anywhere that I specified no zlib support, but the script file displays what it's doing and it shows "zlib support: no", so maybe that's the default? Again, you need to read through the docs, because there are quite a few choices to make.

- Rush

P.S. Here's my configure command to create a multithreaded debug static lib version without zlib or iconv on Windows using VS 2005:

cscript configure.js compiler=msvc prefix=my\prefix\path iconv=no cruntime=/MTd threads=native dynruntime=no static=yes debug=yes

and here is the equivalent on the Mac:

./configure --prefix=/my/prefix/path --with-gnu-ld --without-iconv --without-zlib --disable-shared --with-debug --with-mem-debug

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