Re: [xml] What is the _private field actually for?

Hi Daniel,

  Hum, yeah, I don't see how to do this except by adding yet another API
with yet another extra data, not nice but I don't see a workaround.

Alright, I will submit a patch for this later then, as it's not a very big change.

  Well getting DTD and entity parsing right is unfortunately horribly complex
and it took a while to get conformant to the spec. Some of the result is that some inconsistancies like that sneaked in because the design has been
revamped at least 3 time. In a sense XInclude is yet another extra layer in
that already complex stack.

Okay, but then it should be feasible to fix this, right? Is it worthwhile me taking a look at it to see what is going on? I just don't know much about how the SAX2 parser handles entities and when the parser contexts get switched around, but I should be able to trace through it, if you're willing to accept the resulting patches :)

  Considering the amount of resources, and how painful the transition from
libxml version 1 has been (I only now managed to get rid of it from Fedora !)
I have no intent for anything like libxml3 in the foreseable future, sorry
again !

That's a pity, but quite understandable; it's shocking how so many different versions of the same libraries need to be installed to make all the apps work. (Prince actually ends up getting linked to libxml2 and expat, which is used by Fontconfig, so two XML parsers!)



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