[xml] ISO schematron

Hi there,

I found out today that libxml2 has a partial Schematron implementation. I went hunting for more information on its status, and found a few threads on this list. In the latest thread from july, Daniel says:

> Of course a prerequisite [for complete implementation in libxml2]
> would be to have a final version of the ISO
> spec if this is available, because IIRC it diverged a bit from
> the previous version.

I looked at this last week, and it appears there is indeed a final version of ISO schematron available. From www.schematron.com:

May 2006 - Schematron is now published as an ISO Standard

ISO does publish an electronic version of this spec. It's here:


So, it seems like the prerequisites are met. :)

If this gets implemented, of course we'll be exposing this functionality in lxml as well.



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