Re: [xml] xmlParserInputBufferRead(): APPEND instead of REFRESH ???

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 09:17:11PM +0100, Giorgio Calderone <gcalderone neomedia it> wrote:

Citing the documentation about the xmlParserInputBufferRead() function:

 * xmlParserInputBufferRead:
 * Refresh the content of the input buffer, the old data are considered
 * consumed

This function internally calls "xmlParserInputBufferGrow()" and so it doesn't 
REFRESH the content of the input buffer, instead it APPEND new data to those 
already present in the buffer.

Actually it seems a duplicate of "xmlParserInputBufferGrow()".

Is there any reason why this function doesn't do what is written in the 

I wrote a new version of "xmlParserInputBufferRead()" which really refresh the 
content of the input buffer for my own use, if someone is interested I can post 
it on the mailing list.

  Those functions are really intended for the parser use, not for user code.
Their semantic is tuned to the need of the parser, changing the semantic is
likely to break the parser in weird ways, I would not change them. I also 
don't see why you would need them ever.


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