[xml] Count elements using XmlReader


I have XML-files doing something like this:

 <item data="..."/>
 <item data="..."/>
 <item data="..."/>
 <item data="..."/>

and I am using the xmlReader!

The problem is that I would like to know how many "item" elements are between the array-tags! Is there any possibility to do this without adding a "size"-attribute to the opening array-tag!

My XML-files can become very big that's why I don't want to use anything else then the xmlTextReader.

I thought about doing something like saving the xmlTextReaderPtr and that parse on until I found the closing array-tag to count the elements. Afterwards I wanted to start from the saved position again! But I could not get it to work!


Kind regards,
Oliver Heyme
rayGina::CORE developer

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