Re: [xml] Count elements using XmlReader

On 10/29/06, Oliver Heyme <oheyme gmx de> wrote:

I have XML-files doing something like this:

  <item data="..."/>
  <item data="..."/>
  <item data="..."/>
  <item data="..."/>

and I am using the xmlReader!

The problem is that I would like to know how many "item" elements are
between the array-tags!
Is there any possibility to do this without adding a "size"-attribute
to the opening array-tag!

It depends on for what you need such "size".

If it's just for information, then add some counter, reset it to zero
at the <array>, increment on the every <item/> and do what you want at
the </array>.

If "size" id needed for you for pre-allocating C-style array
(something like
   item_t array[size];
   item_t* array = calloc(size, sizeof(item_t));
), then just use dynamically-resizable arrays.
For example, C++ std::vector if you use C++, or GArray or GPtrArray
from Glib if your language is plain C...

Andrew W. Nosenko <andrew w nosenko gmail com>

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