[xml] Validate with SAX2

I'm using a SAX2 parser in push mode that should validate the XML document, in 
the following way:

  //Set all my callbacks functions in mySAXHandler...

  f = fopen(filename, "r");
  ctxt = xmlCreatePushParserCtxt(mySAXHandler, ...);

  int ret = xmlCtxtUseOptions(ctxt,
                              XML_PARSE_DTDLOAD |
                              XML_PARSE_DTDATTR |
                              XML_PARSE_DTDVALID  );

  while (fread(...))

What happened is that the document is not valid (as I tested it with the example 
program "parse2") but xmlParseChunk doesn't return any error.

Is there a way to validate a document using SAX2, or am I missing something ?

Thank you,

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