Re: [xml] moving code from MacOS 9 to MacOS X


On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 11:27 +0200, Marchese Stefano wrote:
... hi everybody,

I wonder of anybody can help to try to solve the following strange

I developed my xml parser on MacOS 9 and now I am trying moving this
application to MacOS X. My code parse XML files using xmlParseFile() and
xmlDocGetRootElement() APIs.
Then I test the "name" an the "type" content of each xmlNodePtr.

On MacOS 9 these fields are always right.

On MacOS X the "name" is right but the "type" is always 0.

Does anybody have an idea to try to solve this "unwanted" situation.

Compare the size of the xmlNode struct in both scenarios;
might be there's a mismatch; i.e. enums can have different
size, although I don't know the reason anymore - maybe someone with
more C-compiler knowledge can explain this to you.
We had similar problems with the Pascal header translations
when we moved from Delphi to Kylix.



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