[xml] libxml newbie question on htmlParseChunk function

Hi all,
My very first post in this mailing list :)

Ok, i'm trying to unhtmlize some text, using the SAX

Here is how i initialize the parser

void unhtmlizeHandleCharacters(void *user_data, const
xmlChar * string,
                   int length)
   fprintf(stderr,"string = %s", (gchar *)string);
   //process string here...
void unhtmlize(text)
    sax_p = g_new0(htmlSAXHandler, 1);
    sax_p->characters = unhtmlizeHandleCharacters;
    ctxt =
    htmlCreatePushParserCtxt(sax_p, buffer, string,
strlen(string), "",
    htmlParseChunk(ctxt, string, 0, 1);

What's interesting is, this works with 'normal' text.
However if
text = "abc < xyz"

Then i see in the debug in func handleCharacters that
it only takes "abc " as the string, everything after
this '<' character is omitted.

So my func unhtmlize("abc < xyz") gives "abc " as the

How can i over come this? Any reply much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance
TranVan Hoang,

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