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Well, that certainly returns just the one result correctly...

I take it from your comments about it not being optimized 
that it will
still find all results before returning the first, rather than just
terminating at the first match?

Although it will return just one node, it will still try to apply the
predicate "[ att2='2' and parent::instances/parent::item[ att1='1']]"
on all "instance" elements it finds in the document. So 
actually it will
run even slower than your original expression. I'll try to optimize

But the expression I proposed (even if optimized) has the 
drawback that
it won't be as efficient as a plain chain of node-tests in the child
if you *don't* know if the document will be of the expected structure.
Hmm, don't know if I expressed this understandable enough; I 
think this
will become clearer if we assume that the given document has 
a document
element with the name "foo"; here my expression will still search the
whole tree for "instance" elements, while your expression would stop
already at the document element. So it all depends on how much you can
assume about the queried tree.


Apparently I haven't thought the issue to the end. Of course there's
also a way to restrict this to be an element inside /base/group:

"/base/group/descendant::instance[ att2='2' and
  parent::instances/parent::item[ att1='1']][1]"



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