[xml] Hi, noobie troubles with xml examples

After reading and reading i finally got mingw working with libxml.

i think i included the right libraries cuz my makefile actually finally compiles the web examples..

the problem is i cant open my xml files..

my programs keep thinking argc <=1
i dont even know what argc is!!!

i wasnt sure how to name my files. i assumed that docname was the supposed name of my xml file.

i made xml files in the same directory named docname and docname.xml and when i open my executable i still get the words Usage: %s docname\n", argv[0]

so my question is. after i compile my program what is the proper name i should give my file so that my compiled program will actually open my xml file and read it..

i used Open Xml Editor to edit my xml's..

main(int argc, char **argv) {

        char *docname;

        if (argc <= 1) {
                printf("Usage: %s docname\n", argv[0]);

        docname = argv[1];
        parseDoc (docname);

        return (1);

im trying compile the keyword example in the libxml tutorial and trying to get it to read the sample document provided..

any help at all would be appreciated.. i just dont understand why my program wont open the xml file or how to name it properly

thanks in advance


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