[xml] XPath / LibXML question


I have a question about XPath and have been pointed in the direction of
this mailing list. Hope this is the correct place.

I have the following XPath:

/base/group/item[ att1=1]/instances/instance[ att2=2]

and when used on my XML document it returns multiple items, e.g.

/base[1]/group[1]/item[167]/instances[1]/instance[1] - result
/base[1]/group[1]/item[195]/instances[1]/instance[1] - result
/base[1]/group[1]/item[197]/instances[1]/instance[1] - result
/base[1]/group[1]/item[202]/instances[1]/instance[1] - result
/base[1]/group[1]/item[216]/instances[1]/instance[1] - result

In this particular instance however, I only need to find one of the
results, and it doesn't matter which one.
For CPU efficiency I would like to find a way to do that.
Does anyone know how I can achieve this, ideally by  modifying my XPath,
but if that is not possible, if there are parameters, or context set up
that could be done within LibXML to restrict it to one result.


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