Re: [xml] more questions on catalogs

Hey you can't blame me if other OSes are slow to adopt this.

Well, actually, I am trying to :) Libxml2 is a multi-platform package. As such, it seems (to me) that if it has a default/hardcoded place where it is expecting to see the catalog, it should create that place when the libxml2 software is installed rather than asking the OS install to do it, or some other package.

Regardless, while I feel a little funny about it, I'm going to charge boldly forth with this added to my Makefile:

# a boatload of assumptions here, but this should create the /etc/xml/catalog
# with our entry in it. we really should provide some overrides in the
# configure script one of these days
        if [ ! -d /etc/xml ]; then mkdir /etc/xml; chmod 555 /etc/xml; fi
if [ ! -f /etc/xml/catalog ]; then xmlcatalog --create --noout /etc/xml/catalog;fi xmlcatalog --noout --add "system" ""; "file://$(netperfdir)/netperf_docs.dtd" /etc/xml/catalog

where $(netperfdir) typically ends-up as /usr/local/share/netperf

I found that xmlcatalog --add will not add duplicate entries - thanks for that, it made that a bit simpler.

  Using a canonical URL for the System identifier is definitely a good thing.
But portability (of the document) requires a catalog, and portability of the
catalog system is unfortunately not there. I think I did my share to try to
solve this in the area I could have an impact on, but sorry there is nothing
I can do to get changes in HP-UX or Windows !

All the more reason to have libxml2 installation create the default catalog.

As quixotic as I am, I don't want to flog a dead horse or annoy the libxml2 gods :) so I'll just drop the matter, having had more than my say on the topic :)

rick jones

BTW, the typscript with the 2.6.23 compiation warnings tripped over the 40K limit (it was about 48K) so is sitting waiting for moderator action.

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